Saturday, November 17: The Arrangement @ T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Make Your Own Arrangement Origami in Six Easy Steps

  1. Start with a six-inch square origami paper, color side down.
  2. Make two folds, one along the horizontal axis and one along the vertical axis. Crease well and unfold.
  3. Make two more folds, this time along the diagonal axis. Fold in the left and right sides of the paper to meet the center point. You should start to see Drew’s guitar and signature fedora taking shape. If this does not occur, you have failed at origami. Crumple your paper, bow respectfully, and begin again with a fresh sheet.
  4. Fold both sides once more to meet the center crease, then twist. Voila, there’s Phil’s entire drum set!
  5. Repeat Step 4 for the other three corners and flip the paper over. Fold the bottom tip up so that the bottom edges line up with each other. At this point, more intricate details in the origami will begin to emerge: note the 17 wrinkles on Drew’s index finger and Phil’s six freckles.
  6. Crease well and unfold the paper open in opposite directions, and there you’ll have it: exact origami likenesses of The Arrangement! Press down on the right flap and Phil will rustle out a drumbeat. Press the left flap and Drew’s paper voice-box will sing the chorus to “Paper Planes.”  Omedetō!


Chase that paper with The Arrangement on Saturday, November 17 at T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm!

The Arrangement features Mr. Drew Fontaine on acoustic guitar and vocals, accompanied by Mr. Phil Rosensteel on djembe, backing vocals, cymbals, penny whistle, and quite possibly the Armenian kamancha. They play fun and inventive covers of all your favorite songs. Unless all your favorite songs are by Imagine Dragons. Sorry, but that’s just not how The Arrangement rolls. Yee-ikes.

Check out The Arrangement here:
And T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse here:

Have any questions?  Please holla.

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