Saturday, August 25: The Arrangement @ T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00pm to 11:00pm

The Arrangement Presents: Our Future Plans

The Arrangement’s been dreaming big lately—really big. Check out what we’ve got on tap in the coming weeks and months…

ArrangementLand: A 45-acre amusement park dedicated to the power of imagination and the childlike wonder of Drew and Phil. It’s just like Dollywood, only with less glitter and more Old Crow Medicine Show covers.

Maritime Idolatry: The Arrangement plan to construct 32-foot graven images of themselves and sail them on barges down the Patapsco River.

The Second-to-Last Waltz: This forthcoming concert documentary, shot by Martin Scorsese, promises to capture The Arrangement at the height of their powers. Fellow local music legends Kix, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, and the Baltimore Light Opera Company make guest appearances.

Getting Banned in a Foreign Country: Any publicity is good publicity, so The Arrangement are plotting how to deliver an international offense so grave that it would justify wholesale banning. Countries in consideration include Burkina Faso, Fiji, and Vatican City.

Rooftop Farewell: In a nod to The Beatles, The Arrangement will play their last show atop the Judge’s Bench in Ellicott City. This final gig is tentatively scheduled for March of 2079.


Scheme and dream along with The Arrangement on Saturday, August 25 at T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm!

The Arrangement features Mr. Drew Fontaine on acoustic guitar and vocals, accompanied by Mr. Phil Rosensteel on djembe, backing vocals, cymbals, penny whistle, and quite possibly the singing Tesla Coil. They play fun and inventive covers of all your favorite songs. Unless all your favorite songs are by Post Malone. Sorry, but that’s just not how The Arrangement rolls. Yee-ikes.

Check out The Arrangement here:
And T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse here:


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