Saturday, January 27: The Arrangement @ T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00pm to 11:00pm

The Arrangement Presents: Our Resolutions in 2018

  • Introduce cool new jazz monikers, Drew “Boogaloo” Fontaine and Phil “Honeybear” Rosensteel.
  • Finally diagnose our deafening speaker feedback and chronic tinnitus.
  • Really class things up with a Waterford crystal tip jar.
  • Sing “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” but really mean it this time.
  • Be more polite to freakin’ jerks.
  • Embrace Mark Twain’s dictum of “Live. Laugh. Love.”
  • Stop grossly misquoting Mark Twain.
  • Cut back to five fedoras a month.
  • Adopt a pair of rescue puppies and name them Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.
  • Start drinking with moderation, then work our way up from there.


Make a solemn resolution to party with The Arrangement on Saturday, January 27 at T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm!

The Arrangement features Mr. Drew Fontaine on acoustic guitar and vocals, accompanied by Mr. Phil Rosensteel on djembe, backing vocals, cymbals, penny whistle, and quite possibly the Latvian kūkle. They play fun and inventive covers of all your favorite songs. Unless all your favorite songs are by Cardi B. Sorry, but that’s just not how The Arrangement rolls. Yee-ikes.

Check out The Arrangement here:
And T-Bonz Grille & Taphouse here:

 Have any questions?  Please holla.


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